Saturday, September 1, 2007

How to Make Money Online by Blogs

Internet marketing revolves around content. With the lack of one-to-one approach in the virtual marketing arena, internet solely depends on creating magic through words that attract people. The need for articles is enormous. Websites are filled with content.

If you wonder why articles are so important. Articles are one way of ensuring your website climbs up the search engines. The reason is because people search for information on search engines. The websites that have more useful content are the ones that are at the top of the search engines like Google. The reason why search engines concentrate and appreciate good content is because they want to provide what people are looking for.

Where do articles come from?
Articles don’t just appear by themselves out of nowhere. The websites looking for articles have to either write the articles themselves or they will have to buy them. The problem is that most website owners may not have the skill to write articles in a way that attracts the reader or even if they have the skill, may not find the time. That’s when they look at freelance writers for articles.

That is precisely the reason why article writing for pay is a great way of making money online. Having said that, it would help to know how one could go about doing that. There are several paths you can choose from. The first one and the easiest is to write articles for the article submission sites.

Article submission sites
There are several article submission sites, which accept articles and pay for them. One is Associated Content, that pays your for the articles they buy from you. Then there is Constant Content that pays you when your articles are sold. The amount that one gets paid varies anywhere between $3 to $200 per article. It is pretty obvious that the articles that pay higher amount are more in depth, informative, and longer.

Contacting top websites
The second way is a little more time consuming when compared to the first. You will need to contact the website owners directly and offer to write unique content specifically for them. Many website owners would love to hire a freelance writer for their articles, even if it costs more, because they want unique content. You can concentrate on the gurus on the internet and if you land yourself one contract and do a good job, then the word of mouth is enough to land you lots of projects.

Own Freelance website

There is another way of selling your articles and making money. This one certainly consumes a lot more time but is the most lucrative. Setting up your own website and advertising your freelance services. This way, you will not have to look for work; people will be coming to you for articles. Of course, you will need to promote your website. But that is a small price to pay, for what you are going to gain.

Get your own domain and set up a website. You need to keep some samples of your work on the website. People want articles of various lengths. You can have about 2 or 3 articles of different lengths, may be 150 words, 350 words, and 500 words. Next thing that needs to be done is the sales letter, selling yourself. Yes, not your website, but you. You need to let people know through your sales letter that they are hiring a writer; it’s almost like having a writer on staff.

Now, with that done, where do you find clients and where do you promote your website?

There are numerous places to find clients for this sort of work. Some of the better places are,, Here you can sell your article writing services to the highest bidder. You can also have your website link in your signature.

Monthly membership site
This is an innovative idea to sell your services. PLR monthly membership sites are well-known, but here instead of PLR content, you are going to be selling your services and you are not going around looking for clients. Suppose you are into writing ebooks, you can have a membership site, where you give away 2 ebooks a month to each member for their exclusive use. You can have just a few people as members and charge around $200 or $300 per month. Many people wouldn’t mind paying this kind of money if they are going to get their money’s worth. You will just have to see how many you can write in a month and have members accordingly.

Content website
Find a great topic or niche, write about 10 articles, get a domain name that is related to the topic, get hosting, get some free website template. Sell these sites in a matter of hours and you can earn quite a bit from them.

Clickbank products
This is a novel idea and one, which is certain to work well. You will have to set up a website where you will sell articles in batches, approximately 35 articles in a batch. These articles will be on a particular Clickbank product. The reason for doing this is because there are always people looking to sell Clickbank products. They would want articles to promote the product. You will be providing a specialized service for Clickbank products. In fact, you can incorporate this option in your writing website if you have one or you can have a separate website only for this. As long as you price them reasonably, you will have lots of work.

Article writing can be a great money earner and one can start making money within a few hours or few days. If you have a passion for writing or even if you are confident that you have good English and grammar skills, it is smart to consider article writing as one ways to make money fast.


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